Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Children's Story! (warning not for kids)

The Night the Monsters Came Out To Play
A Children’s Story
by Joshua Day

Clock bells chime to the witching hour’s arrival,
the hour that eight-year-old Paul met with a smile.

He climbed out of bed and down to the floor.
Quickly he ran to the closet door.

Once inside he looked around,
But the one he wanted could not be found

With his hands he covered each eye,
Because he knew the monster was shy.

“Please Mr. Monster” he began to say,
“wont you please come out to play?”

Ever so gently a claw touched his shoulder,
even though it could have crushed a boulder.

The monster came without a fight.
A good start to a crazy night.

Next came the monster that lived under the bed.
He had large red eyes and a very big head.

Together they all crept down the hall,
both monsters followed right behind Paul.

First they stopped by the toilet bowl,
to get the monster who lived in the tiny hole.

The monster came out in such a rush,
once Paul gave the toilet a flush.

Second stop was at the laundry room dryer,
to get their friend who breathes balls of fire.

Now even though his breath was flame,
Paul didn’t worry, the monster was tame.

One by one Paul gathered them all.
Some were big and some were small.

Back down the hall Paul lead,
all the monsters back to his bed

Together they danced in the pale moon light.
you should have seen it. It was quite a sight.

They had a contest for the fiercest growl,
and also for whose breath is most fowl.

They played games to see who’s the strongest,
and to see who could hold their breath the longest.

How late they played it didn’t matter,
as long as it was filled with laughter.

They didn’t care weather you had claws or fins,
because tonight they where the best of friends.

Suddenly all their happiness was broken,
when outside words were spoken.

The angry words came loud and clear,
Of a father who drank too much beer.

Paul and the monsters ran to hide,
because the fiercest of beasts had just arrived.

This is a story from a project I’m working on. Comments and feed back are welcome. More on this project to come. Enjoy….btw I wouldn’t recommend children to read these stories…if so you do on your own risk


  1. Wow, this is a great poem, I love how different it is and the twist at the end!
    -Stephanie Barnett

  2. Wow! That was wonderful. The fiercest beast of them all...very nice!

  3. very good, josh... great message and extremely well written! thanx for sharing!!

  4. That was a fun ride, yet it packed a heavy punch at the end. It's depressing to think that the child's playful whimsy was destroyed by harsh reality.