Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to the Web

Today it finally happened! Flashes in the Dark posted my first ever flash fiction horror story! I said that if ever I was published then I would start a blog. Now if you enjoyed that first story "Caught in the Keeper’s Web" then hopefully, once other stories get published, you be able to follow my work.

Currently I have made peace with the writer William Pauley III, who has tried to kill me multiple times, and am assisting him with the artwork for an upcoming anthology called Toe Tags. Also I will have a story in Toe Tags called The Shed”. I don’t think there is a set release date for the anthology yet but it should be in October sometime. Some of the artwork may get posted online early as a promotion but once I have more updates I’ll post.

Lastly, thank you to all of those who posted comments on my story at Flashes in the Dark. I’m a new writer and your words were very encouraging! Now I have to apologize for cutting this short but I have a date with the wicked little things that live under my bed. They keep stealing my toenail clipping collection and must be stopped!

Caught in the Keeper's Web -